The gaming culture is regarded as a new popular movement in society and is one of the fastest growing phenomena in the entertainment industry. I am fascinated by the gaming culture, its social aspects and its identity perspective; its duality as well as the link between physical and digital identities. Meeting online through one’s avatar in a virtual game seems both contemporary and part of the future.

My project is motivated by my curiosity for gaming in relation to fashions and the real world. The meeting between a visionary view of social identity in combination with an outmoded understanding of gender stereotypes in the world of gaming are points of departure for my work. In my designing I am looking for a progressive development in which I intend to make an impression in both the real and the virtual worlds.



Technical direction: Jonas Johansson 3d artist: Ashley Reed Sound designer: Alexander Wallin Logotype: Richard Gray

Augmented reality

To view this model in AR, visit on your smartphone and follow the instructions. Point the smartphone camera towards the printed marker found in the exhibition catalogue, or open it on your laptop.